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The Best Solution for Temporary Vehicle Tags

Temporary Tag. No Bag.

What is SynthTag?

SynthTag is a standard size, full synthetic sheet that will run in any laser printer. It’s designed to replace the traditional paper, backing sheet, and plastic pouch currently used with temporary license tags. It’s completely waterproof, extremely tear resistant and does not need to additional plastic bag for protection or durability.

Simple Solution in 3 Easy Steps








That's All!

SynthTag Special Features


Take your Synth-Tag through any car wash and maintain quality.

No Glare

Bright white non-glare sheet provides superior image quality and crisp contrast.

Extremely Tear Resistant

Nearly impossible to remove without disassembling the temporary tag.


SynthTag contains the #7 plastic recyclable green product, so it recycles just like plastic drink bottles.

Motion Stabilization

Superior quality paper keeps the sheet flat and prevents movement when car is in motion.

Saves Time & Money

Makes your job easier - easy to print, easy to install, and eliminates the backing sheet, plastic bag and lamination.

SynthTag Eliminates Common Tag Issues

Tags Flap Up

Water Soaked Tags

Dirty Tags

Tags Flap Up

Water Soaked Tags

Dirty Tags

Stop Wasting Time Stuffing Paper into Plastic Bags.

Smart Design

  • Standard 8.5 x 11 sheet size - runs out of ANY laser printer
  • Smart Punch Design - Hole stays in place during printing process. Easily punches out afterwards.
  • SnapPerf design allows sheet to quickly transform into to a temporary tag.
  • Bright White Sheet - Maximum Print Contrast
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Cars With Class Have A Tag That Lasts

Cars With Class Have A Tag That Lasts