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SynthTag 3


      • 8.5 x 11 full synthetic sheet
      • Made for laser printers
      • Replaces traditional paper, backing sheet, and plastic bag
      • Tag positioned at the bottom of sheet with one perforated edge at the top.

SynthTag is THE BEST solution for temporary car tags. Stop wasting time stuffing paper and plastic.

  • Water proof-eliminates the backing sheet, plastic bag, and lamination
  • Extremely tear resistant-difficult to remove without disassemble
  • Bright white non-glare sheet provides superior image quality with maximum contrast for improve readability thus eliminating plastic bag glare
  • Saves time in printing and installation
  • Safe for car washing machines while maintaining print quality
  • Does not fly up when the vehicle is in motion even on the fastest cars
  • Maximizes marketing dollars to dealer tag instead of plastic bag
  • #7 Plastic recyclable green product-Recycles just like plastic drink bottles
  • Eliminates all issues with paper temporary tags!

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