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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is TGM Tag Waterproof?

TGM Tag is a plastic polymer that simulates paper.  This characteristic makes it waterproof!

Will the ink rub off in the rain?

No!  TGM Tag material creates a bond with the dry ink/toner that makes it extremely durable to repeated exposure to rain and weather.

Will the print fade?

No! TGM Tag is extremely resistant to UV fading. The print will actually last much longer than the time period needed to receive the permanent tags. 

Can you tear a TGM Tag?

With a lot of effort you can eventually tear a TGM Tag, but it’s practically tearproof. 

Will the TGM Tag sheet turn yellow?

TGM Tag has no chemicals that react with the environment and will remain bright white for the duration of use.

Can I order more than 1000 TGM Tag sheets?

Yes! Our packaging comes in sets of 50, 100, 500, or 1000. Customers are able to order multiple quanities of each package size. 

Can I order my TGM Tag with custom printing?

Yes! We can certain provide custom products. Miniumum orders may apply.

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